Žito Drožnik


When launching its new products (bread Drožnik), Žito wanted to treat its key customers and reporters to an authentic Slovenian breakfast and present the new bread. Since the bread is made from sourdough, the company wanted to teach the guests more about this type of bread and its benefits.

Creative idea:

We designed a custom box for the client, with information on the product and its benefits printed on the exterior. When opened, the box turned into a traditional checkered cloth, so the recipients could instantly recreate an authentic Slovenian breakfast with Žito’s products and bread Drožnik.


To make sure all recipients across Slovenia got fresh bread in the morning, we organized special delivery for the client, providing fast and effective logistics. Most of them received warm bread straight from the bakery, and we believe this makes for a great first impression. We delivered packages to over 150 addresses across Slovenia in two mornings.