Woodjoy – online store


Woodjoy is a brand of wood products for home and everyday use. Their vision and values are quality, modern design and using only Slovenian wood.

Objectives of setting up the online store:

  • Promoting the Woodjoy brand
  • Increasing the sales and providing a comprehensive and innovative marketing strategy
  • Improving and creating an advanced user experience
  • Optimizing the purchase process
  • Increasing profitability and opportunities for conversions
  • Improving the speed and responsiveness of the online store

To be able to design a comprehensive online presence strategy, we learned a lot about the brand and its sales strategy already through advertising. We learned about the business, its sales processes and target groups, and we also defined the main objectives and functions of the new online store in the process of planning, and analyzed the competition and their online presence. We created buyers’ personas and studied their buying journey to devise a strong strategy for developing the new online store.

We took a strategic approach to the creative concept, and set the overall image and tone. Designing an online store goes beyond the aesthetics, and we also focused on plugins that call for action and generate revenue. Based on an analysis, we planned the buyer’s journey and content that encourages purchases and provides an excellent user experience.

We set up a store with the highest possible level of automation, and used analysis and statics to ensure that the whole process, including the purchase and synchronization, is fast and smooth.


  • Visit duration increased by 45%
  • Online store revenue grew by 35%
  • The rate of single page visits dropped by 60%