Telemach – lead generation campaign

We have prepared a campaign of generating contacts for Telemach brand. We had three goals:

  • Acquire as many quality leads of competing clients as possible
  • Communicate the loyalty campaign for the existing clients
  • Simultaneously take care of brand consciousness

The client needed a big quantity of leads in a very short time, so we organized a large-scale prize game. We have established hit products for 2021 and prepared a large prize fund which is a trigger for a large part of online users.

Since a phone number is the most important information for the client, the biggest challenge was to first get the user to provide this information, and then that the information is correct. Therefore, we have conditioned the participation in the prize game with a return SMS and an “instant prize”.

We have achieved excellent results:

  • 28.440 qualified leads have been acquired
  • We have diverted 94 267 users to the homepage of the prize game
  • The campaign ad had more than 1 500 000 views.