“Securing the future of our bees”: a sustainable cooperation

In May 2023, insurance company Merkur zavarovalnica dedicated the activities to the heroes of the month: bees.


Product communication (Merkur Otroci insurance for kids) focused on children and parents. The campaign focused on the importance of protecting bees for a safer, greener future, and offered concrete solutions for doing so.

The secondary target group was the general public, who was addressed through media and PR.


To make the “Securing the future of our bees” activation happen, Merkur zavarovalnica joined forces with the Beekeeping Association of Slovenia.

Together, we prepared an informative, kid-friendly booklet with advice on how to sustainably care for bees in home gardens or on balconies. Merkur zavarovalnica also allocated funds for the construction of a special teaching apiary, which will help educate a new generation of young beekeepers.

New and existing clients of Merkur zavarovalnica could download the digital advice booklet on the landing page. They also interacted with fun “social profiles” of neighbourhood bees they could support.

At the end of the month, a family-oriented event took place near the Koseški bajer pond, where children got to know beekeeping equipment better, and took part in creative workshops.


  • Successful lead activation with e-booklet and Facebook ads.
  • Firmer positioning of Merkur zavarovalnica as a company focused on a sustainable future and social responsibility.
  • A new teaching apiary for training young beekeepers and housing bees.