Redefining Love with Baci Digital Campaign

What is love? Besides the titular 90s banger, it’s a feeling everyone defines in their own way. Baci, the household name among messages of love, gave people a chance to share it – with a nice reward to boost.

The Challenge:

As the creative force behind Merit HP, we wanted to rejuvenate the traditional Baci brand with an online activation – a small place of the internet that embodies Baci’s core values: tenderness, love, and genuine attention.

The Approach:

Everyone’s familiar with Baci’s love notes. We virtually recreated their signature papers on a landing page and gave people a blank canvas to write their own notes. Their task: contribute a personal (re)definition of love – for your romantic partner, your parent, your friend, your mailman, whomever. 

With a swipe-left or swipe-right, Tinder-style approach, users could explore the gallery of love and upvote each other’s messages. Because swiping isn’t reserved just for dating, and neither is sharing some love.

A month-long creative contest unfolded, involving encouragement via digital ads, content creators, and an enticing prize: a trip to Perugia, Italy, the enchanting home of Baci pralines.

Results and Impact:

  • By leveraging the influence of 4 content creators, our Instagram Reels organically reached over 50,000 accounts and garnered over 100,000 plays.
  • Received 450 unique redefinitions of love, personally crafted by users. 
  • Successfully executed engagement and traffic campaigns with a reach exceeding 105,000, and a cost of mere 0.1 € per click/result.
  • Increased engagement and interaction with the brand.
  • Effectively revitalized a traditional brand with no social media presence in our region, laying a strong, contemporary groundwork for its digital debut.

Plus, by spreading messages of love, we made the internet seem just a tiny bit less harsh for a hot minute. Love is love, and love is bold.