Precision Resources: integrated approach at BlechExpo fair

Precision Resource is a global provider of design, engineering and manufacturing of highly specialized parts for various industries including automotive, aerospace and healthcare. Securing a spot at the BlechExpo 2023 fair in Stuttgart, they entrusted us with the design of an attractive stand.

Here’s how we did it:

As usual, we designed the experience through the aspects of visibility, accessibility, functionality and aesthetics. Special attention was paid to the way the products were presented in order to ensure optimal interaction with visitors.

Precision Resources’ global presence and reliability were presented through maps and plans that highlighted the company’s geographic spread and international reach. The presentations included concrete examples from different regions and personal success stories.

Video content with team members painted a story of tradition and stability under the “75 years and counting” tagline.

A key point, in addition to experienced employees, was the presentation of a wide range of high-quality products. Interactive product displays and demonstrations allowed visitors to experience first-hand the quality and functionality of the products and convince themselves of the company’s innovative vision.

The key takeaway

The most valuable part of the process is the transparent involvement of the client who understands that each point of communication – fairs included – is part of a larger whole. Even before planning the stand, our teams held the Discovery Workshop, an interactive strategic workshop that provides a solid foundation for future decisions, improvements and innovations within the company. Through the workshop, we managed not only to comprehensively identify the key areas for growth, but also to strengthen the team spirit and clearly outline the way forward.

Get to know the Bold Discovery Workshop and how to use it for your brand.

Petja Oplotnik

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