Not another recruitment campaign


Merkur Insurance wanted to increase its team of marketing agents who could effectively represent their insurance products and increase sales.

How to attract not only new employees, but individuals who are willing to think differently?

The solution:

Instead of traditional job portal advertisements, we decided to look for individuals who stand out for their passion, ambition and skills. To do this, we had to think innovatively and outside the box. We developed the concept of ”Agents for the Future”.

This concept attracted individuals who were not just looking for a job, but wanted to be part of the future of the insurance company. By focusing on “Agents of the Future”, we enabled potential candidates to see themselves as co-creators of Merkur Insurance’s future challenges and successes. The campaign thus became a magnet for those who are willing to think outside the box and want to work in an environment that values innovation and a fresh approach. We attracted the attention of competent people.

We made a shift from traditional platforms for advertising vacancies and recruited people through the Meta platform in the form of static and video ads.

Exceeded the application target by 785% in less than one month.

In less than one month, Merkur Insurance received 177 applications for the position of “Agent of the Future”, almost 9x more than the target of 20 applications. Thanks to the overwhelming response and the quality of the applications, the campaign closed earlier than expected and was very cost-effective. In addition to the savings, we also gave the client exposure.