New Urbana App by Ljubljanski Potniški Promet (LPP)

Ljubljanski Potniški Promet (LPP) sought to enhance its customer experience by developing a new Urbana App and upgrading the unified city card system. The main goal of the campaign was to create visual and communication elements to promote the new app effectively, by blending the elements of the old Urbana — such as the city map, logo, digital dragon, and Urbana colors — into a fresh and engaging interface.


The primary target audience was existing Urbana app users and public transport users in Ljubljana. The revamped app aims to provide a superior user experience with new features, targeting not only locals, but also tourists and visitors.


With a desire to communicate the app’s convenience and versatility, the campaign slogan was crafted: “Nova Urbana, v žepu Ljubljana” (New Urbana, Ljubljana in your pocket). The slogan cleverly hints at the smartphone’s pocket-friendly nature while simultaneously highlighting the app’s feature-rich interface, encapsulating all of Ljubljana in one’s pocket.

The campaign’s key visual was intentionally kept simple yet significant. It featured the most basic element of Urbana’s usage — a bus, along with a user. However, the image goes beyond this simplicity. With the road and bus seemingly escaping the smartphone screen that frames the picture, the campaign visually represented the new dimensions the app brings to the user experience.

To guide users through the transition, we created a series of short, simple, and self-explanatory videos demonstrating how to use the new app. Filmed on the streets of Ljubljana for a natural feel, these videos featured LPP’s own employees—a nod to the company’s involvement in the app’s production and commitment to its services.


While the campaign is ongoing until the end of the year and no measurable results are currently available, LPP anticipates positive user engagement and an enhanced customer experience with the new Urbana app. Please keep an eye out for updates on the results and new additions to the campaign.

*Note: The case study will be updated with the results and further actions as they become available.