How to Build a Truly “Jaffastic” Profile

Jaffa products are very well known in Slovenia and can be found in almost every household. Just hearing the name Jaffa makes you crave something sweet. So how do you translate all these positive feelings onto social media and make the brand appealing to younger generations?

Challenge: How to put a traditional brand without an online presence on the digital map and build a strong community “from scratch”?


When setting up profiles on Instagram and Facebook, we followed five key points:

  • a striking slogan: “It’s never too late for Jaffa”,
  • the brand’s characteristic colors,
  • its “softest” character,
  • collaboration with influencers,
  • and prize activations to encourage engagement.

When we think of Jaffa cakes, the first thing that comes to our mind is the taste of chocolate, oranges and biscuits, and the signature blue color of the packaging. To keep this visualization going, we decided to connect the colors with wordplay that highlights the characteristics of Jaffa products, for example: “as Jaffasticly delicate as the soul!”

When you see the profile, you know it’s Jaffa.

To start building the Instagram profile, we invited selected influencers to share the news about the “softest and sweetest profile on Instagram” to their followers – and since they are also fans of Jaffa treats, the content was even more appealing.

To provide a sweet experience to our followers, we organized three giveaway competitions, each featuring three different products (Jaffa Cakes, Jaffa Bakery, and Jaffa Munchmallows). Each contest awarded a year’s supply of these products to five winners, with the focus of the challenges being on relaxed fun. The challenge of assembling RoboMunch robots from the packaging stood out in particular.


  • Successful followers growth: over 2,900 active Jaffa fans joined in one month.
  • Unified digital brand image.
  • Excellent influencer content on Instagram and TikTok.
  • Influencer video content together was viewed for over 1200 hours.
  • Individual influencer posts reached over 350,000 people.
  • 15 lucky winners who will enjoy Jaffa products all year and talk about them to their circles.