Giving Green Light to Health

With the new year, we strategically shifted Merkur zavarovalnica’s communication to the field of health insurance.

Merkur zavarovalnica entered 2024 with a revamped health insurance bundles and assistance services, which, in addition to faster and easier access to comprehensive medical treatment, also introduce various innovations to the Slovenian market.

As these innovations bring faster and more comprehensive treatment, the message is illustrated with symbolic green light – in Merkur zavarovalnica’s recognizable color hue, of course.

For the campaign implementation, we strategically selected and adapted the material prepared by the parent company Merkur Versicherung.

The helpful “green light” thus appears in the context of a carefree life, made possible by accessible healthcare, assistance, rehabilitation and prevention, and promised by the slogan “Because I am a miracle of life.”

Useful (product) content on social media was complemented by image ads on TV, online, radio and OOH.

Merkur zavarovalnica focused their growth in the field of health, and through marketing content, we have clearly outlined the way forward.

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