GA+kuhinje – online advertising


The GA+kuhinje brand, owned by Aparati, d. o. o., is built on the foundation of sound, socially responsible operations, and is in many ways a step ahead of time and its competitors. The company is known for the high quality of its services, providing excellent advice, carefree purchases and great care for its satisfied loyal customers.

After talking to the client, we modified the campaign and its objectives to achieve maximum return and exploit the potential of the brand and the online store, and chose the right direction for advertising – to increase ROAS and online orders.

Advertising objectives: 

  • Increasing the awareness and visibility of the GA+KUHINJE brand
  • To increase ROI through marketing campaigns
  • To increase online sales
  • To promote and introduce fresh advertising approaches
  • To decrease the cost per order (CPO)
  • To increase the average order value (OV)

We focused on advertising techniques, advertising campaign optimization, which in the long term generates higher return on advertising spend (ROAS), and on defining the metrics that bring better results and help us achieve set business and sales objectives.

We entered the collaboration with realistic expectations, so the set goals could be achieved. We strongly exceeded all the set goals, and, with the help of market situation and changed consumer behavior, increased ROAS on Facebook from 7% to 43.5%, and doubled it on Google from 25% to 50%. We were thrilled by the results, since, in addition to growing the brand, we also increased revenue on Facebook by 597%, and sales on Google by 287%. Due to mutual satisfaction, we boosted activities on Facebook and Google and increased the advertising investment. 


  • The average visit duration increased by 25%
  • The average return and profitability increased on Facebook (+600%) as well as Google (+100%)
  • Conversion rate increased by 36% on average
  • Number of transactions increased by 75%
  • Order value increased by 15% 
  • Monthly revenue increased by 160% on average