Event organisation for Ekoturizem d.o.o. and their brand Go Green

Implementation of the event following the vision of sustainable business

In the field of sustainable business practices, Go Green stands out as an excellent example of innovative thinking and ecological awareness. On 19 May 2022, a unique business event was held, which we organised in cooperation with the company ETC Adriatic – Corporate events. This highlighted Go Green’s unyielding commitment to sustainability as well as to reducing negative environmental impacts and promoting a harmonious balance between ecology, society, and the economy.

The event revolved around the central theme of water. The element was constantly present throughout all aspects of the event as the precious natural resource plays a fundamental role in our lives. The conscious decision to thoroughly embed water into the event captured the essence of Go Green’s mission to raise awareness of water-related environmental issues and highlighted its efforts to encourage more responsible business practices.

A masterful combination of art and entertainment

The event was hosted by the charismatic podcasting duo Jure Godler and David Urankar. To further captivate the audience, it also included a wide range of entertaining performances, including Maja Keuc’s impressive vocals, the musical skills of Xequtifz, the mesmerising Chupacabra fire show and the elegant moves of the silk dancer Tamia. The entertainment elements not only added artistic value, but also enabled the event’s sustainability message to be creatively communicated.

Sustainability must be approached holistically

A key highlight of the event was the opportunity for participants to come into direct contact with the employees and management of Ekoturizem d.o.o.. The representatives used presentations to offer an insight into the company’s philosophy and approach to sustainable business. The evening was enriched with presentations of good practices, thought-provoking discussions, and plenty of networking opportunities, which enabled important connections to be made between individuals with similar values.

Go Green’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond superficial efforts. Its main goal is not only to reduce pollution, but also to create a positive multi-dimensional impact on the environment, society and economy. The event fully reflected a holistic approach. But the greatest emphasis was on the fact that it is possible to hold an environmentally friendly event without sacrificing style, fun or social engagement.

What made the event so successful yet so different?

Sustainability as a basic value

Go Green has shown how a company can put sustainability at the top of its value chain and weave it into every aspect of its event.

Cooperation and partnerships

The project is the result of successful collaboration between bold.group and ETC Adriatic – Corporate events, and further demonstrated the power of partnerships in realising sustainable visions.

Creative communication

By choosing water as a central theme and including engaging performances, Go Green effectively communicated its sustainability message to a diverse audience.

Employee involvement

Employees played a key role in the event itself. They showed commitment to the company by enabling participants to have direct contact with its core.

An exceptional business event with a vision of sustainability that bold.group organised for Ekoturizem and their brand Go Green serves as an inspiring case study for organisations looking to hold events that reflect their commitment to a better future. 

By successfully combining education, entertainment and networking within an environmentally friendly framework, Go Green has proven that sustainable business can bring both significant impact and pleasure. 

As progress in all fields advances, Go Green’s approach stands as a beacon of hope, proving that companies can act as a powerful agent of positive change while still celebrating style and innovation.
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