Domaćica challenge


After the first Domaćica challenge in 2020, which took place live and produced excellent results, it was a real challenge how to make the competition even bigger and resilient to Covid-19 measures. One of the major objectives of the Domaćica brand was to reach a younger target audience due to the traditional character of the brand. That is why we moved the whole challenge into the digital environment, and created content attractive to young people. We believe that customers are the best brand ambassadors, so we adjusted the competition mechanics in a way that gave them the opportunity to present Domaćica at its best with their content.


Domaćica challenge 2021 was a competition in making desserts using Domaćica cookies. We created a website, which we filled with content on dessert making and Domaćica branding, and which later hosted the competition.

The contestants had to purchase their favorite Domaćica cookies at the store and use them in a dessert recipe. They uploaded their recipe and a photo of their dessert on the website, and then had to promote their recipe through digital channels to collect likes.

We expected a lot of contestants, so we made sure the prizes were attractive. To add credibility to the challenge, we connected with the retailer Mercator, where we advertised the challenge, and we divided €3,250 worth of Mercator gift cards between the winners! Because we wanted to give an equal opportunity to all contestants and to encourage them to also work on the looks of their desserts, we presented a Kitchen Aid planetary mixer for the most creative recipe as selected by a jury.

Creative idea:

Soon after the launch the challenge became viral, exceeding all our expectations. During the voting stage, contestants’ supporters flooded social networks with recipes for desserts made with Domaćica cookies.

  • 176 contestants with as many recipes
  • Total reach of the challenge (online advertising budget = €500): 2,172,144
  • Website traffic (1 month) – 120,000 visits and 60,000 unique visitors