Crosswalks with a cause

The Mobility Week of September 2023 presented an opportunity that we simply could not pass up.

The message that we captured in this year’s visuals for the Migrant Film Festival found its way to actual walkways – more precisely, to the streets of Ljubljana near Špica.


Slovenska filantropija, the initiator and organizer of the annual Migrant Film Festival, entrusted us with the design of the festival image this year, which we created with art director Martina Kokovnik.

»Crossing over« became the main theme, and illustrated with a shaken-up pedestrian crossing – a symbolic collapse of routes and plans that we take for granted until we ourselves walk a mile in the shoes of migrants.


We revived the theme of »crossing over« in September, when the Municipality of Ljubljana joined. Conveying the message “For the future, safe for all”, we took inspiration from the festival image and redesigned the three crossings at the intersection of Prule and Privoz streets. We also added messages of sustainable mobility and solidarity.

The high-profile project became a permanent upgrade of the capital’s urban streets. And it all started with a poster.