Check yourself! – movember campaign

For their 2022 campaign, OnkoMan, Slovenian oncological association for men, joined forces with Merkur insurance as main sponsor.


The November campaign wanted to encourage Slovenian men to regularly self-examine to prevent prostate cancer and to encourage friends and relatives to take care of themselves as well. Without shame and without procrastination.

OnkoMan especially wanted to empower men from rural areas, as they are said to have greater reservations.


The »Check yourself!« campaign directly calls to men to take care of themselves. We chose the maypole as the key visual moment, as setting it up represents the ultimate symbol of male ambition: they cut down a tree only to to put it back up.

Maypoles are also symbols of birthday celebrations throughout Slovenia. As the old adage goes, you can only have a lot of birthdays if you live longer and healthier (especially after turning 50), so we set up a tall virtual maypole on the campaign website, and placed on it messages about detecting signs of prostate cancer and advice on self-examination.

The maypole also took over OnkoMan’s Instagram profile, while the campaign message  was further upgraded with video quotes by inspiring Slovenian (sports). Matjaž Kek, Cene Prevc, Tomi Šmuc, Žan Papič, Benjamin Savšek, Elvis Džafić and others all encouraged men to »be real men – and check themselves.«

We also equipped avant2go vehicles with custom “pay attention to warning signs of cancer” stickers.

For the special one-month campaign wrap-up, a special landmark was erected: a real maypole, set up in BTC City by the volunteers of the Ježica fire brigade.


  • Over 110,000 impressions of video content on Facebook
  • At least 85% of users watched the video content to the end, which is well above the average – a “solid” result is 15%.
  • Free media exposure worth at least €100,000.