Campaigns for a good cause: Merkur zavarovalnica & Lunina vila

Merkur zavarovalnica is an insurance company with a 30-year tradition that places people at the core of its operations. Since caring for safety and well-being starts with protecting the youngest, Merkur zavarovalnica joined forces with Lunina vila, association for the protection of children. Together, we launched an awareness campaign focusing on the issue of family violence and sexual abuse of children.


With the “If you report, you can stop it – because love can do better”, we addressed the terrifying statistics: one in every five children survives sexual abuse, and many do not have the resources to withdraw themselves from a dangerous environment and receive long-term, high-quality psychosocial support.

We reminded the media, companies, well-known Slovenians and the general public that they should always act upon signs of violence and file a report, while they can also support children who have survived abuse by making a donation.


We kicked off the integrated campaign with broad-reach media: TV ads, billboards and print ads, digital advertising and messages on the Ljubljana city buses.

The plot of the video, in which a frightened girl with a teddy bear knocks on the neighbors’ door, was based on a true story.

We also included real stories in audio form on a traveling interactive installation. By pressing the buttons, passers-by could listen to recordings of survivors who spoke about their experience, while the visibly injured teddy bear in the center of the display case silently testified to the necessity of preventing such shocking events. Interesting point: the installation also emanated an unpleasantly gloomy smell and thus had an additional sensory effect on the visitor.

Social network presence, especially on TikTok, was exceptionally strong. On TikTok, we launched the campaign video with a positive ending. The version was directed by Matej Rimanič, a Cannes-award-winning TikToker. We continued to read real life experiences on video, and raise awareness among people on the streets. The most successful post has exceeded 135,000 views, 11,000 likes and hundreds of comments and shares, well above the average.

But it’s not all about viewing figures. With the help of ambassadors (Nina Pušlar, Denis Chorchyp, Tara Zupančič and others), we also urged all Slovenians to donate and enable free psychotherapy treatment for children who have survived abuse. Ambassadors and Lunina vila tuned into TV broadcasts, on the radio, spread the message at concerts and on social networks.


  • With almost €30,000 raised, 12 children will get year-round access to free psychosocial treatment and thus regain trust in adults.
  • Free press for Merkur zavarovalnica and Luna vila with estimated total value of €150,000.
  • Over 1 million message impressions on the Google platform and over 230,000 impressions on the Meta platform
  • During the duration of the campaign, Lunina vila received twice as many calls as in the same period before the campaign.
  • According to testimony of some first-time callers, they first recognized the signs of abuse thanks to TikTok videos.