Barcaffè & Konzum prize game


In Croatia, Barcaffè brand was awarding customers when purchasing any Barcaffè product as part of cooperation with the local supermarket chain, Konzum. The main prize was Renault Captur.

Creative idea:

We have prepared a complete creative proposal which was then applied in sales points through different dimensions. We have also prepared an animation with an explanation and ways to participate as support to static ads.


Together with static creative solutions, sales mechanisms, prizes, and possibilities of participation had to be presented at the sales points through an animated commercial. Then all that had to be meaningfully and clearly presented to the audience and customers in a 12-second animation in a fun and clear way.


After designing and printing the entire POS material at the sales point, the team started designing a commercial according to the established scenario and sketched shots. A combination of programs that are available according to the industry standards* in combination with a VO for the Croatian language has been used for entirely computer-generated animation.

Industry standards= Maxon tools, Adobe Creative Cloud tools