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Eva Vene

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Never have I ever planned what I’m going to post on Instagram a month in advance.

Never have I ever managed Instagram profiles other than my own.

Never have I ever communicated with an audience on behalf of someone else.

Never have I ever worked at a marketing agency.

Then I got the opportunity to do an internship at Bold Group agency.

“You’re not just going to make coffee, you know. I really want you to be a part of the team,” the creative director told me on our first meeting. I did whip up coffee sometimes, but most of the time I was diving into the unpredictable, yet fascinating world of digital marketing. For a month and a half, I enjoyed the company of fellow digital marketing, social media, TikTok, films, music, memes, and popular culture enthusiasts. I’d say, surrounded by my kind of people.

After a preliminary look at Bold’s social networks, it was clear to me that they are curious creatives with an open mind and an open eye for the small details that shape the world around them. The same people who were happy to share their extensive knowledge with me and answer even the most obvious questions like: “A Meta headline is limited to 40 characters, right? Hey, what’s the password for this Instagram profile again? Please, arrange access to this profile. When are the weekly meetings? What are we having for lunch today?”

But more crucial than knowing the best places to eat around the office and locating the secret stash of sweets was the discovery that working under deadlines can be stressful, yet with the right colleagues and a cheeky mentor (<3), it can also be incredibly creative and fulfilling. All you need is resourcefulness, patience, and the bravery to embrace mistakes.

Boldness is ingrained at every turn at Bold Group – from the entrance sign that challenges, “Are you bold enough to enter?” to the impressive projects they execute. However, their bold character truly shines when it comes to bonding and organizing team-building events, taking work breaks for a round of mini-billiards, and enjoying occasional group breakfasts, where the employees’ quotes, notes, and praises are read from a hallway board. At Bold, they work boldly and play even bolder. (First-hand experience.)

The internship went by in a flash, mainly due to the variety and quantity of the working hours, the interesting acquaintances, new skills I acquired, and inside jokes I was immediately made a part of. But above all, the internship gave me the confidence to write and communicate boldly, have the courage to make mistakes during the process, and enjoy the creative journey.

Never have I ever spent most of August in an office and actually enjoyed it, because I have never interned at Bold Group before.



Eva Vene

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