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Petja Oplotnik

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AI wins the halftime with speed, but creators win the game with creativity! Creators vs AI: what is the end result?


What battle or game are we talking about? What did you miss?

The game the content creators are playing with AI, of course. Who is winning, and who is losing? Let’s see. Can we work hand in hand with the recent AI upgrades? How will it impact the quality and uniqueness of the produced content? Can creators defend the titles or, with the attack from AI, turn the game over?

1:0 for AI

With the fast developments of AI, many tools were developed, which helped content creators and influencers with content preparation, editing and sometimes brainstorming. AI developed to the point where the creator has all the options to hand over the post-production process and editing. This means 1:0 for AI? Of course, it speeds up the process and offers many options for skills the creator might have yet to develop.

1:1 – creators do not give up

But wait, the creators have one strong tactic, which turns the result over – Storytelling and human touch – 1:1. But can storytelling and human touch be lost in AI translation? Brands do care about standing out of the crowd and being unique. Who cares about fast content production? (Maybe e-commerce brands?)

What’s next? Can they play together?

Here are some recent trends where AI and content creators can play together and speed up the content creation process. This means both teams work towards the match’s goal, content production.

Does the game even make sense?

  1. AI Captions
  • Listening to videos without sound has been an uprising trend. Therefore, subtitles are almost essential in every video. But preparing the transcript can be a tiresome and lengthy process, so with AI Captions – the problem is solved.
  1. AI Video Editing
  • Leveraging the power of AI lowers the time needed for video editing for creators and influencers. This means less time for editing and more time for creativity.
  1. AI Dubbing
  • With AI dubbing software, the creator can transform the content in multiple languages and reach a wider audience with localized content. This might come in handy more to e-commerce brands than creators, where they can leverage this option and test more creatives in advertising, using 1 creator and multiple languages.
  1. AI Writing
  • We are all familiar with the good old or our beloved ChatGPT, right? Do we need to discuss how it infiltrated the content creation process?
  1. AI Music
  • AI Music Issues with copyrights and finding the video’s perfect sound are now over. However, does anyone even listen to the music in the videos? What will happen with the trending sounds that are going viral on TikTok? Which option is better, being unique or going viral?

Does the game even make sense? Wait half-time! (whistle sound)


Let’s say, we do not want to be biased; we love AI and use it regularly. However, we do love our team of content creators and the stories they develop for our projects. We have been working with them for quite some time now, and needless to say, we love it. But keeping in touch with the latest trends is the vibe we strive for at Bold.

So let’s stay BOLD and support both!

*This entertainment was sponsored by Bold Group with no shame!

Second half – AI returns with the secret weapon to confuse the opponent

The content creators and influencers are terrified – who is on their team and who isn’t. It’s the AI-GENERATED INFLUENCERS. Scary right?

They look like content creators but work as AI. Speed, efficiency, and adaptability are their strong points. What will the creators do? Still, rely on the human touch? Do they have a defence prepared? Nope, not this time.

Current result (2:1).

Do the creators have what it takes to turn the result over? Can storytelling be a turnover point?

Of course, AI needs help understanding the vision and goal of the campaign, as a creator can. Feeling the vibe, design, ideas, and vision of the brand the creators are working for can not be replaced by AI. AI can support it, but it still needs to be replaced.

Current result (2:2).

End of the game – it’s a tie! Or is it?

In the overflow of content creators and content produced, it is difficult to stand out and be immensely creative. Therefore, excellent and innovative content creators will be much more appreciated by brands and focus much more on storytelling. Content creators are already working with AI because it makes their lives much more accessible and the entire production process faster. Still, human touch and ideas will need to stay in the hands of the creator to differentiate from the rest.

To conclude with the following sentence:

Will the creators play hard or be hardly playing? A bit of both!



Petja Oplotnik

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