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A Conscious Consumer Walks into a Marketing Agency: A Case Study

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Neža Franca

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An individual who actively considers ethical and environmental factors in their purchasing decisions can maintain their integrity while working in marketing.


The subject was embedded in the BoldGroup marketing agency for a period of 2 months.

During this time, she was tasked with creating copy for various marketing purposes, including:

  • Social media posts: highlighting companies that aligned with the subject’s personal values to various degrees.
  • Newsletter content: intended to promote company initiatives.
  • Blog posts: covering a range of topics from leisure to finance.


Subject’s internal compass: remained intact, despite spending a portion of her time crafting content she personally could not fully endorse.

Several interesting discussions: with industry professionals helped the subject maintain a critical lens.

Improvement of the subject’s writing technique: thanks to her experienced mentor and her dedication to providing valuable input.


The hypothesis is confirmed. While maintaining complete ethical consistency within any industry might be unrealistic, conscious consumers can navigate such environments by employing critical thinking, creative adaptation, and a healthy dose of humor!

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