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11 steps that will revive your tourist offer

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@ Benjamin Hrkić | 5. 5. 2020

The industry that has certainly received a capital blow in the newly emerging crisis is tourism. At a time when we are still looking for answers on how to raise the economy to the old or new tracks, tourism is the one that needs answers and new guidelines the most. Long closed state borders have certainly left an “after” effect that will have consequences on the world’s population. There are many who claim that fewer people will choose to travel due to health risks. We ourselves believe that right now we need more than ever a holiday and a mental break that will put us on new tracks and save the negative energy that the crisis has anchored in our heads and bodies. Advertising does not create a need, but awakens it in every individual. We are therefore convinced

Here are some tips on how to successfully tackle advertising campaigns, what content you need and what tone of communication your promotion should contain in order for the latter to generate new curious and holiday-seeking travelers.

An important fact is that according to Google research, most tourists in the modern world of offer are not emotionally committed to one brand (accommodation, airline, travel agencies (). As a result, you have the door open to attract potential travelers with fun and interesting content, who may be waiting for you to knock on their adventurous conscience. Here are 11 creative ways to take marketing to the next level.

1. Develop a marketing strategy for your destination

On the first ball, it may seem like we’re not talking about a creative marketing idea, but strategy certainly comes first, as it’s the foundation for all your other marketing activities. Setting up a strategy and advertising plan is probably the most important activity of your digital advertising. Creating a plan allows you to outline step by step and thus disciplinedly follow your strategy, which you also change regularly throughout the process.

The key is not in the number of followers that each influencer has, but in the target audience that he addresses.

2. Highlight your destination or. a product with influencers

Certainly one of the most popular ways to advertise destinations in recent years is with influencers. Why? Because it works! There are also many who gather black clouds over a flood of influential people who are not supposed to be effective. The key is not in the number of followers that each influencer has, but in the target audience that he addresses. Every good influencer creates a certain segment of content and thus also creates his own persona, followed by a specific target audience. So, it is important to find an influential person who loves tourism, travel and is an adventurer at heart. Remember: influencers who promote everything are not influencers you want to advertise your destination.

3. Create a wonderful guide about your destination

Focus on the needs of your potential guests. Don’t take it for granted. When creating a guide to your destination, highlight key benefits in a fun, different, and interactive way. The guide should be easy to read and understand. No matter how good it is, very few people will read it in its entirety. Therefore, the key to your guide should be: “secrets known only to the locals”. Create a guide that you would like to read for yourself. A guide you’d like to sell or be willing to pay for, and then give it away for free. Don’t forget quality photos and professional design.

4. Build a platform for discussions

Usually, we have a lot of questions before we go to a destination. Use your Facebook page as a platform to help customers. Instead of dealing with complaints, you will be able to quickly and successfully inform potential passengers with pre-prepared questions and answers.

5. Create promotional video destinations

In recent years, we have been able to observe how the web is slowly but surely leaning towards video content. Selling services is not easy and video is the most effective way to serve a large amount of information in a short time. Take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the video and present the entire destination with it. Don’t limit yourself to creativity and time. Answer potential questions and create desire and need with viewers, share tips, share interesting facts, and reveal “secrets” known only to locals.

6. Create a challenge that will trigger interest in the destination

Challenges have become a very popular internet sensation. Create a fun challenge related to your niche or destination and spread the word on social media with the help of existing or potential customers. Challenge people on Facebook to share what they would do at your destination and reward the best with a free trip.

7. User generated content

The challenges, as highlighted above, are a geyser of top-notch material created by users. We humans love real-life examples of others. The trust gained from a positive review or photo will be very influential and help others get to know your brand or. destination. If the material is great, ask permission and share it on your networks. You know, the best ad for your destination is a satisfied traveler.

Even if your company cannot show experience with 5 ⭐ it does not mean that you are not special and high quality.

8. Show what makes you unique on social media

Every business has something special that no one else does. Usually, such campaigns try to show the human side of your business and build trust in people. Even if your company can’t show a 5-star experience, it doesn’t mean you’re not special and quality.

9. Define your target audience

The key is to know who you are selling to. If you don’t focus your approach, your efforts will be lost on the air among the crowds of competition. As we have already pointed out with influential people, it also applies to agencies. Those who do everything usually do nothing very well. Millennials, lengths, money, the elderly, koga Who are you targeting? Do you know where to start?

10. Mobile devices

57% of millennials prefer to write rather than call and spend more time on their phones than any other device combined. They also travel more often than any other generation. Market on mobile platforms and customize websites for mobile devices. Although most purchases happen over the desktop, most decision making happens right on mobile devices.

11. New products? Be bold!

Highlight and create innovation. Be bold and creative. People need freshness now more than ever. Now is the ideal time to look around and see what are those unique points that will create curiosity among hungry travelers who are so eager for new adventures. The new destination may be just a shot away.

Many travel agencies carry a real treasure trove of information that they cannot present to their target audience in an interesting and enticing way, and they are fighting a terrible battle with the competition. In the current crisis, this struggle is quickly turning into a hopeless situation that there is no need for. With the above tips, you have a lot of creative cues that can help you achieve your goals. Remember: the worst way to advertise is not to advertise at all. At the BeGlobal agency, we maintain a rich knowledge of tourism and also cooperate with tourism stakeholders. Therefore, we will be happy to chat with you and at least advise you on how to present yourself to a wider crowd in such times and find the wind that will blow into your sails – the sails of adventure, vacation and carefree thoughts.

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